Midsommar is Josefine Brodd's debut interior textile design range. The collections beautiful shapes and clean lines are inspired by the long, warm summer nights typical of Sweden's northern climate. On  Midosommar's eve in Sweden, its customary to pick seven different flowers and place them under your pillow. According to tradition, the following night you will dream of your future love. 

All the Midsommar designs have floral, dream like scenes representing what the future might hold. 

The exciting collection brings to life Josefine's Swedish heritage with the colourful influences of her new home Sydney.


josefine brodd for funkis

josefine brodd for funkis

En midsommarvisa

På midsommarnatten plockar jag klöver och

timotej, röllika och ängsull och blyga förgätmigej

blåklockor och violer och sen drömmer jag om

dig och då vet jag att du älskar blott mig.


A midsummers tale 

On the midsummer's night I pick clover and

timothy, yarrow, cotton grass and

shy fortget-me-not,  bluebells and violets, 

then I willdream about you and then,

I know you love only me.

Einar Molin